Download, Install Norton Setup

Steps for downloading Norton Setup

Sign in to your Norton account at player the picked email ID or parole

You should tap on the sign in and complete off the major concentrations, in the event that you're a substitution user

Open Norton Setup window and tap on the trade Norton setup

Obviously you should need to enter the Norton Product Key you have gotten with the acquisition

Tap on the agree and transfer

Strives for putting in Norton Setup

When you have downloaded Norton setup, adjust it agreeing with the underneath picked instructions:

In the event that you're mishandle the Microsoft Edge Browser or IE-Click the Run on the downloaded record and

Beginning now and into the not too far-removed, you'll begin the installation

For endeavor or Mozilla Firefox-Double-tap the downloaded record to begin the installation

For Google Chrome-Double-tap the downloaded record and start the installation

When, you run the program, you should need to take after the on-screen course to complete the foundation method

Steps for Activating Norton Setup

When, you have with move put in the Norton Setup, you should need to set up it.

For this, you'll open the put in Norton product

In the fundamental Window, hit the assistance button

Finally, you'll be instigated to enter the Norton product

Enter it inside the thing key choice out there underneath Account data

Copy the stock key from your email and paste it inside the gave box.

Undeniably, in case you have recouped the Norton thing pulled then you require the thing's CD or retail card.

you'll see this thing scratch on the back of the cardboard that you essentially have bought.

Norton is one among the first standard antivirus that is greatly recognized for protecting gadget and giving a 1 stop security reply to any or every one of the people around the world. The organization offers an incredible fluctuate of bundle answer that safeguard your work areas, workstations and cell phones from the undesirable hurtful on-line dangers. With a Norton Antivirus on programmed information handling framework, one will anchor their workstation and might deal with the security also as protection of the learning. application, information and bundle. No infection, phishing trick, worm or distinctive danger will harm your gadget. In the event that you expected to ask any of the previously mentioned anticipates your gadget then you'll exchange, buy and enact antivirus on your gadget. Before you are doing in this way, you wish to remain several of key focuses in your brain. You have to shape positive if your framework meets the details Norton antivirus or not? furthermore thereto, you have to shape positive that there's the same antivirus or security bundle as of now put in and running on the gadget. In the event that there's any then uninstall it and keep away from any bundle struggle.

With the proper and streamlined support from Australia, it is relatively simple to install any Norton Security Product. Norton Setup has been in the technological framework for over 25 long years. To that end, the website provides fast and proper assistance for Norton installation, configuration and activation.

There is a drastic escalation in the number of viruses, malwares and other detriments to the computer software. To curb this increase, several effective antivirus applications are being developed on a daily basis, one of such application is the Norton antivirus. In addition to being the most reliable, this tool assists the user to protecting the software in a variety of platfor including laptops, desktops and tablets as well. This cyber protection application entails features that allows it to detect and prevent infections by a multitude of different viruses, malwares, spywares, ransom ware, Trojans, wor etc. Furthermore, the tool has an intricate constant scanning functionality that works in full force when the user is accessing internet. This allows the user to enjoy a safe and secure browsing experience. If you seek proper Norton Antivirus installation, the simpler way is to use the link In addition to protecting a device after installation, Norton also blocks unauthorized access during installation as well.

With software installation comes several procedures. To make matters a bit more secure, these procedures entail user agreement at each and every installation step. In order to ease this process while not compromising the security, provides streamlined support to configure Norton Application. If a user seek to but this software, they can either use a retail card that allows an online method of installation or use a physical CD for a more manual approach of installation. Norton doesn’t stop at merely protecting the system from viruses and other infections, but it also assist use in blocking intrusive fishing efforts that attack upon the online financial transactions. To that end, the software hides the user credentials that entail username, password, credit card details, accounts information etc.

Complete Activation Process as soon as possible


  1. Visit and sign in to your Norton account or create a new account (new users)
  2. Enter Norton product key
  3. Select your subscription and click download button to begin the downloading process
  4. There, you will get the choice to choose from different versions and languages
  5. Depending upon your browser, run the downloaded setup
  6. Click Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox)
  7. After installation, open any of the application of Symantec Norton 2016
  8. Here, you will be see a Norton Antivirus activation wizard
  9. Click activate and enter the same product key, if asked
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation

Norton setup for MAC

    1. First two steps as same with those listed in PC
    2. Now, log in to your Norton account and Download Norton setup File
    3. For this, you have to open My Account and under the name of your subscription, choose Install
    4. On the next window, select install under Install information
    5. This will begin downloading the installation package
    1. Once the download completes, open Finder and go to Downloads
  1. Double-click Norton_Setup_Installer.pkg
  2. Click continue
  3. Review the software license agreement
  4. Choose agree to the ter of the software license agreement
  5. Select how you want to install the Norton 2016 and click continue
  6. Change your install location, if you want and then click Install
  7. Enter your Mac login password and click Install software
  8. Click the Launchpad icon in the dock to display all your applications
  9. Click the Norton icon and then click Get Started followed by What’s new
  10. This will begin activation process
  11. Enter the product key, if asked
  12. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish activation
  13. It’s good to go!

Norton Setup for Windows

  1. Sign in into account by visiting
  2. Now you can see option there Donwnload now
  3. Choose Install
  4. Click Run, Setup or Save file option, depending upon your browser
  5. You will be prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”
  6. Click Yes
  7. This will begin the installation
  8. You’re all set!
  9. You can Scan your Computer Now


In the digitally connected world, data is almost, and often, more precious than money. With all the threats of ransomware looming around, it has become essential to take measures for data privacy. The binary codes which make up digital data can point out the place, can identify the user, can make monetary transactions, and aid a number of nefarious activities. Even though the technological revolution has bettered the world and eased a number of tasks, it also poses a substantial threat. Computer data, which often includes banking and other private information, can get easily compromised.

In order to protect your private and confidential data, you need to install a reliable security program. Since not everybody has the knowledge about how to defend against malware, and how such cyber attacks work, it is better to get a program for it. Norton, owned by Symantec, offers impressive security packages and subscription plans for several different environments. Norton team of developers consists of cybersecurity experts and analysts who are well-trained and equipped with creating a robust protection tool. Norton’s security suite is capable of efficiently detecting threats, and eliminating them from the infected device. To get Norton, you need to head over to

Steps for downloading Norton Setup

For downloading Norton installer file on your device, you need to log in to your Norton account. If you do not have any, then just follow the Sign Up process and create one. After logging in to your Norton account, you can download it to your computer. The steps for downloading Norton setup are given below.

1. Head over to the following link-

2. Click on the Sign In button present on the top right-hand edge of the webpage. Skip this step if you are already logged in.

3. Fill in the email ID associated with the Norton account.

4. Enter the passcode for the same.

5. Click on the Sign In button at the bottom.

6. If you have trouble logging in, click on forgot your password. Follow the instructions on-screen and recover your account.

7. In the Norton main page, hit the Download Norton button.

8. Go through the Symantec Terms and Conditions.

9. Click on the Agree and Download button.

10. If you possess more than one Norton software or are not able to see your product on the webpage, then click on Load more.

11. Select the product and follow the next prompt.

12. Norton setup file will start getting downloaded automatically.

13. If your internet connection collapses for a while, then resume the download when it is back again.

After downloading the setup, check the system and see if there are any conflicting apps. Remove and uninstall all such apps completely before proceeding with the next process.

How to install Norton Antivirus Setup


If you have a Windows desktop or laptop, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to install Norton setup:

-> When the Norton setup file gets downloaded, do not close the browser.

-> Double-click on the installer file from the downloads tray.

-> If you have a Norton setup CD, insert it into the system.

-> Click on Run when you get prompted.

-> Alternatively, you can go to the Downloads folder, and locate the file there.

-> To run the software file, you will need to authorize the system regarding the changes being made to the system. Click on the Yes button in the User Account Control.

-> After that, in the same window, click on the Continue button.

-> Follow the directions mentioned on the screen.

-> Wait for the installation to get over.

-> Hit the Finish button.

-> Click on Restart now when you get prompted.


If you have a Mac device, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to install Norton setup:

-> Open the Finder app from the Dock.

-> Click on the Default Downloads folder.

-> Look up the Setup file and click on it twice.

-> Log in to your Mac admin account when prompted.

-> After that, the software installation shall begin.

-> Follow the guidelines mentioned on the screen.

-> Click on the Continue button in the Installation screen.

-> Allow the installation process to get over.

-> Reboot the Mac system after that.

Steps for Norton Product Activation

Before users can access their Norton programs, they need to activate the product. Find the steps to activate Norton products below:

-> Launch the recently installed Norton product on your desktop. (Click-twice on its icon).

->After that, you need to click on Enter Product Key.

->Now, type in the 25 characters alpha-numeric product key in the box.

->Click on the Activate button.

After activating your Norton product, you can start using it. Norton antivirus will scan your system and look for any infections. If any threats are detected, they will be removed or put into quarantine. To redeem your Norton product, visit